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The Tech Shop founded in Feb 2013 is a retail outlet of technology accessories and devices to the U . K .. We're a brand new supplier with a mandate to break new ground in the online shopping space in addition to give first-rate consumer support. We're located in Birmingham, England having intentions to expand our products to end users in other countries.

Hunting for a cool cover for your apple iphone, apple iphone natural leather cases or any uk iphone covers? In that case Tech Shop is where you need to be. Tech Shop is an on-line retailer that specialises in apple smartphone protective covers and cases together with other computer gear for example desktop mice, keyboards and notebook computer carrying bags. We are a new start-up business based in the uk working to get a foothold within the iphone protective cover marketplace. As we grow we we also aim to attain the ability to provide the very best service feasible for our end users.

my site ... iphone covers uk

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